Profill is a high quality partner for the distribution of Flintec precision weighing products in Southern Africa. We employ Flintec load cells and Flintec weighing terminals and its range of application parts in diverse weighing applications from complex tank weighing systems to trailer based on board systems. Flintec provides solutions for EX areas and for more complex applications such as checkweighing and mixer/stirrer equipped vessels. Flintec load cells are available in IP 68 stainless steel versions and provide reliable service in high corrosion wet areas such as abattoirs  and even coastal dolphin weighing stations.

Beam Type Load Cells


Flintec’s bending beam and shear beam load cells are ideally suited to all industrial weighing scale and general measurement applications including filling machinery, industrial floor scales, tank and silo weighing.

Single Point Load Cells


Flintec’s single point load cells are designed for high accuracy applications in retail scales, dynamic weighing machinery, industrial bench and floor scales and on-board vehicle weighing equipment.

Compression Load Cells

compression-load-cellsFlintec’s range of compression load cells are recognised as the benchmark for high capacity column load cells.
They are ideally suited to high accuracy applications in truck and railroad scales, tank and silo weighing and ultra-high capacity industrial scales.

Tension Load Cells

Flintec’s range of tension load cells is ideally suited for process weighing and general measurement applications such as tensile testing machines.
Applications include tank and silo weighing, patient handling equipment and test and measurement systems.