Our filling machines have formed the backbone of the South African filling industry for over 20 years, partly due to our ability to produce filling machines that are customised to fit individual needs. Built to European standards and properly designed using quality primary products, our filling machines are robust and able to stand the test of time. We manufacture filling machines used for filling a variety of products from resins to fruit juices.

Economic Fillers

Econo Filler 300 L

Our economic filling machines are a range of basic filling machines that fill simple-to-fill products. These quality machines are typically used by smaller companies that require a lower cost, labour intensive machine that provides fast and accurate filling of their products.

Premium Fillers

Premium Iso-ish (perspecive)

Known for their ability to fill difficult-to-fill products and durability, we have machines in reliable service for over two decades. Their high specifications, customisation and data management systems assimilate with your business needs and improve workflow.

Drum Decanting Units

Drum Decanting unit Iso 1

Our DDUs are simple to use units used to decant products such as additive and base materials from drums or IBCs for the purpose of blending products. Our DDUs can decant product by product or be part of a more complex batching system.