Our liquid petroleum gas cylinder filling machines are highly durable and safely and accurately fill gas cylinders. We manufacture filling machines for cylinder sizes 1,8 kg to 48 kg. Our filling machines are properly designed and ATEX and SABS approved to repeatedly provide the ultimate safety and filling accuracy.


This heavy duty LPG cylinder filling machine fills 1,8kg to 48kg cylinders and is available in galvanised or stainless steel. Machines can be fitted with quick acting valves or pneumatic connection guns to ensure quick filling speeds. Tare zone check and integral check weighing of each cylinder ensure compliance with filling regulations.

Priced from R86 500.00

(Excludes Delivery and Installation )

Econo-60 EP

Econo 60 (without pump look the same

The Econo-60 is everything that the Econo-150 is except it is built for the fast filling of 1,8kg to 9kg top-entry LPG cylinders. This gas filling machine has a standard construction of stainless steel.

This unit can be supplied without the pump and manifold for filling of small bottles direct from a bulk tank.

Priced from R96 700.00

(Excludes Delivery and Installation)


Econo 60MP RHS (002)

For the really price conscious, this machine offers the same as the Econo-60 EP, except it has a mechanical scale instead of the electronic one.

Priced from R48 700.00

(Excludes Delivery and Installation)

Acetylene Check Scales


An important part of the acetylene cylinder filling process, they are legally compliant for checking the weight of pre-filled acetylene cylinders after filling and are certified for use in an acetylene zone. Scale is equipped with calibration on demand software which ensures calibration is performed every 4 hours against certified test weights.

CO2 Fillers

co2 filler

Our CO2 filling machine is an industry standard for filling CO2 cylinders of all conventional sizes. This filling machine is capable of checking the water capacity of cylinders prior to filling and it will not allow filling when water is detected inside the cylinder. The system also has the ability to send data to a printer or PC database.

Profill Gas Station


PGS-Profill Gas Station is a great secure portable unit which can be placed in any secure yard and will allow you to start filling LPG cylinders almost immediately.

To start, you need at least one 48Kg LPG supply cylinder, 220 Volt 10amp electricity supplied to the unit via a cable with earth wire.

We supply the PGS with 1 or 2 filling machines, either our certified for trade use Econo 60 MP with mechanical scale or Econo 60 EP with Electronic scale. The PGS has secure lockable space for 8 x 48Kg LPG cylinders, the PGS provides some shelter from wind and rain for the operator while filling cylinders.

This is the fastest way to get a LPG cylinder filling business up and running. The filling machines are certified for use in Ex Zone 1.


**Check with your local authority/fire department for approval.