In 1996 Profill started out with a simple line of drum filling machines. Since then we have grown to be a respected player in our field, manufacturing gas filling equipment, liquid filling equipment and drum decanting machines.

We are renowned for attention to detail and commitment to quality, which has earned us clients as far afield as Pakistan and a strong presence on the African continent.

Our filling machines are equipped with the latest safety features and regular maintenance ensures that our filling machines will continue to operate long after we install them.

Over the years we have manufactured a variety of machines for many different industries and we are proud of working with clients such as BP, Shell, Petronas and Sasol to satisfy their filling needs.

While most of our experience lies in creating filling machines for lube oil, chemicals, wax, paint, jet fuel and solvents, we are willing to explore new methods to deliver the best solution for your product.

Our Clients